About us

We have been involved in the creation of Timelapse shots for nearly 10 years. We started with simple uniaxial sets, today working on systems with five or more axes, we can control the movement of the camera in practically any way. We provide the highest quality material in resolutions up to 8K for commercials, television and film. In search of unique frames we travel all over the world. There is nothing impossible for us, we have taken pictures in the most difficult conditions by filming in the jungle of South America, the sands and the sun of the Arabian Peninsula, the scorches of northern Scandinavia or in the Mediterranean. We provide comprehensive services ranging from scene planning, scouting, implementation of photos and post-production and preparation of material under client's guidelines. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

About us


Time-lapse movies from construction

We have been providing audio-visual services in the construction industry for many years. We provide support for both investors and contractors. Our cameras worked on the highest construction sites in Poland, but also outside our country, including Dubai and Doha. We implement long-term timelaps, and our longest project lasted for over two years. We also provide services related to collecting material for the so-called construction chronicles by filming 4K cameras from the ground and 4K drones from the air.


Timelapse Motion-Control and its variants such as HDR, Hyperlapse, Stopmotion and Aerial Timelapse created with the use of drones are our specialty. We carry out all types of shots from static, straight line movements and ending with five or more camera movement axes, focus and focal control, the operation of which is based on the curve modeling mechanics. We have also mastered daytime-to-night shots and the art of astrophotography, ensuring the highest quality of the material delivered. The experience gained on the film sets allows us to properly choose the technique and parameters of taking pictures to the requirements of production, as well as the effect expected by the customer. We use the highest quality film equipment providing material in resolutions up to 8K. We guarantee the highest quality of services rendered, our full commitment and professionalism at every stage of production.

HDR Timelapse

HDR, or High Dynamic Range, in photography means the ability to capture details in the lightest and darkest parts of the frame at the same time. This technique involves taking several photos of the same scene and combining the areas of shadows, halftones and the brightest areas with the optimal level of exposure - exposure. In this way, we get pictures without underexposed areas but also without areas of overexposure. We have been using this technique for many years to create unique, fairytale images in the Timelapse and Hyperlapse HDR technique.

Stop Motion

Recently, we received an order from one of our clients to record a 3-minute stop-motion film promoting its YT channel. We took photos of the week on one of the first stop-motion animation kits currently available in Poland. The sixteen-axis system works with Dragonframe software whose operation is based on the curve modeling mechanics. Soon, the effects in the form of a movie.

Vertigo - Dolly Zoom

For the first time, this technique was used in the film "Vertigo" by Alfred Hitchcock and hence its name, later it was used by Steven Spielberg in the films "E.T." or "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade", as well as Peter Jackson in "The Lord of the Rings". Our studio has realized Vertigo's shots, among others, for the video "Projekt Poznaniak", directed by Andrzej Nowakowski, in which Bogdan Smoleń, Daniel Moszczyński and Kasia Wilk performed. With the help of a specialized multi-axis motion-control system, we are able to perform both types of dolly zoom shots with one hundred percent accuracy and repeatability in both Timelapse and Video using professional film cameras and lenses.

Movies from photos

Offer for design offices - videos from photos and visualization. The combination of photos sent by the design office with green animation and the shots of time-lapse of the sunny sky. For this we add camera movement, animation of the moving sun, reflections on the windows, reflections, the effect of the wind blowing and a few other tricks that significantly enhance the standard visualization. From a two-dimensional photo, we get a film environment showing a living investment. Excellent addition and affordable development of the offer of any design office.


Contact us and order your unique shot

We make custom shots, for a specific project and according to the customer's idea. We are happy to share our knowledge and advise on various stages of film production. We can propose a specific technique and method of implementation of the photo and location corresponding to the production requirements.